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27 October 2020

Belarusian manufacturers will be presented at major exhibitions in Turkey and the UAE

Expositions of Belarusian food and beverage manufacturers. Taste of nature (Belarus. Taste of nature) will be presented at major food exhibitions in Turkey and the UAE - CNR Food Istanbul in Istanbul and Gulfood in Dubai. BelTA was informed about it at Belinterexpo of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

CNR Food Istanbul will be held in Istanbul on November 25-28. Last year, more than 650 companies from 17 countries took part in it, including the Czech Republic, India, Jordan, Iran, Poland, Serbia, Malaysia and Belarus. The number of professional visitors reached 51,278 from 117 countries, in addition, more than 240 officials and delegations attended the exhibition. More than 600 business meetings were held.

“The interest in the exhibition is due to the fact that today Turkey is not only a large consumer market with more than 83 million people and about 52 million tourists, as of 2019, but also a trade gateway to the Middle East and Turkey annually imported food worth from 12 to 15 billion dollars over the past 15 years. International agricultural experts predict further growth in Turkish food imports over the next five years due to the country's growing population and food shortages. food products and deterioration of agricultural production in the state, ”Belinterexpo said. The company added that, according to the Belarusian Embassy in Turkey, the rise in the cost of food production in the country is forcing the Turkish government to compromise on agricultural imports by lowering import duties.

“Recently, the Middle East has become an important export destination. The arid climate makes the Gulf countries major food importers. In some countries, the demand for food is growing by 30% annually. The governments of the Middle East participate in the selection and procurement of products, including through specialized exhibitions, ”says the exhibition campaign.

On February 21-25, the world's largest annual food exhibition Gulfood will take place in Dubai. Every year it gathers more than 5 thousand participants and about 100 thousand professional visitors from more than 190 countries of the world. Belinterexpo noted that the high cost of entrance tickets reduces the number of casual visitors, so the exhibitors deal directly with the professional audience.

As the company explained, today the UAE is the third largest re-export market in the world after Hong Kong and Singapore. The UAE is a key center for food re-export in the Gulf region. It is through the UAE that more than 90% of food is imported to this region, which also includes Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia. In the list of the main imported products of this region, meat and milk are in the first positions. If we talk about the import of meat products, then in the UAE food basket, beef makes up 21% of the total food costs. An important commodity is also a chicken egg.

Aleksey Bogdanov, head of the foreign economic activity department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, believes that the UAE market is premium and quite import-intensive for such goods as poultry and beef, with good prospects for Belarusian exporters. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Igor Bryl, in turn, said that Belarus plans to supply dairy products, beef and poultry to the UAE.

The exposition of Belarusian manufacturers at the Gulfood exhibition has become traditional - the event is being held for the sixth year in a row. Business events will also be held in the form of seminars, conferences and negotiations, which will provide participants with an additional opportunity to establish business contacts.

The exhibitions are organized by the Belinterexpo exhibition complex of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of the embassies of Belarus in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Belgospischeprom concern.

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