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20 March 2020

A.Lukashenko visits Adani Company

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko is visiting Adani Company that leads security, healthcare and scientific industry on Adani Company on 20 March, BelTA has learned. 

Upon the arrival to the factory, Aleksandr Lukashenko, first of all, asked about the origin of its name. He was told that ADANI stands for ADvanced ANalytical Instruments. Founded in 1991, the enterprise initially designed nuclear instruments for application purposes. 

“Do you have new projects?” the president asked Vladimir Linev, the founder and director general of Adani. 

The businessman told the head of state about the specialization of the factory and the lineup of products. In his words, over 85% of products are exported. 

Aleksandr Lukashenko also asked about Adani's financial performance. Vladimir Linev answered that the production figures were increasing. 

The head of state got familiar with the organization of work at the enterprise. The president is set to visit a research center, a lab, an experimental enterprise, and an assembly facility. 

Adani is a high-tech enterprise of a complete innovation cycle (development, production, maintenance). The company is focused on technologies of medical X-ray image, X-ray inspection systems and non-destructive testing. 

Adani became a resident of the Minsk Free Economic Zone in 2010. Over the past years the company has created 545 jobs, invested $38.6 million, including $25.6 million in fixed assets. 

Adani supplies products to 86 countries. These are scientific analytical instruments, medical X-ray equipment, screening X-ray equipment, full height human scanners, luggage and transport scanners. Last year the company exported some $40 million worth of goods. The average salary of the personnel involved in production exceeded Br2,500 (the results of 2019). 

Adani Technologies was also registered in Minsk Free Economic Zone in 2010. The company is engaged in research and development. For this purpose, a center of strategic innovations and technologies has been built there. In 2010-2019 the company created 136 jobs, attracted €10.2 million in capital investment.

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