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1 October 2020

Two teachers from Minsk Oblast reached the super final of the competition "Teacher of the Year of the Republic of Belarus"

For 10 days, more than 50 teachers from all over the country fought for the victory in the republican competition "Teacher of the Year of the Republic of Belarus". Only 8 of them made it to the super final, including 2 representatives of the central region. MLYN.BY attended the final competitive tests and talked with the super-finalists of the Minsk region.

At the Academy of Postgraduate Education, where the superfinal of the competition was held, the struggle was serious. Eight teachers, who have already become winners in their nominations, fought for the right to be considered the best in the whole country. A press conference, a mini-lesson, a speech to the teaching community - it was in these competitive tests that they showed their skills.

For the Minsk region in the superfinal there were two: the teacher of the Preschool Child Development Center "Solnyshko" of the city of Slutsk Victoria Gyach and the director, teacher of the Russian language and literature of the Molodechno secondary school №1 named after Yanka Kupala Vasily Malinovsky. By the way, they have gone a long way to the superfinal, having bypassed more than 2 thousand teachers of the Minsk region who took part in the competition.

Director, teacher of Russian language and literature of Molodechno secondary school No. 1 named after Yanka Kupala Vasily Malinovsky


The press conference was the first test of the Super Final. On it, each participant (according to the drawing of lots) pulled out a question, thought about the answer for 30 seconds and within a minute presented it to the jury and the audience. Representatives of the Minsk region came across difficult questions, but they coped with them with dignity. For example, Victoria Gyach believes that in order to raise the prestige of the teaching profession in society, it is necessary to properly educate the younger generation. And when asked what modern teachers should be taught, she answered from the point of view of a modern educator. In her opinion, first of all, he should be a friend for preschoolers. Moreover, he does not need to know everything and be able to, the main thing is to strive for this and grow with the children.


And Vasily Malinovsky, when answering his questions, expressed the idea that adults sometimes have a lot to learn from kids who see this world as completely different: bright, rich and interesting.

The second competitive test turned out to be no less exciting - conducting a mini-lesson on a large stage. “Why do you need to study…” - this very thought became the theme of the lesson of the contestants. And it was necessary to reveal it by means of their academic subject. The assignment was given 20 minutes. The super-finalists were helped to cope with this difficult task by their colleagues - the participants of the competition, who at that time had become students.


The final task also aroused genuine interest from the jury and the audience. The contestants expressed their thoughts on the topic “Teacher (educator) yesterday, today, tomorrow”, and they had only 4 minutes for this. The speeches of the participants turned out to be creative and informative.

Who became the best teacher in the country is still an intrigue. His name will be announced on October 2 at the Palace of the Republic at the closing ceremony of the competition. However, no one was left without awards on the day of the super final. They were received not only by the winners in the nominations, but also by the laureates, of whom, by the way, there are also two in the Minsk region. They are Tatiana Kovalkova, teacher of mathematics at gymnasium No. 1 in the city of Molodechno (nomination "Physics, astronomy, mathematics, computer science"), and Svetlana Ivanyushina, primary school teacher of secondary school No. 1 in the city of Logoisk (nomination "Primary grades"). The teachers received well-deserved diplomas, certificates, gifts, as well as "Crystal Cranes" - symbols of the competition.

Blitz interviews with the winners in the nominations "Educator of preschool education" and "Russian language and literature, Belarusian language and literature" Victoria Gyach and Vasily Malinovsky.


- What emotions did you experience when you learned that you became the super-finalists of the competition?


Victoria: I still can't believe that I got into the top eight. I believe that this is the result of the tremendous work of all those who worked with us. And this is a big team, and I am very glad that our joint work was appreciated by the members of the jury. And we, the superfinaists, once again understood the meaning of the well-known saying that one in the field is not a warrior.

Vasily: I also can't believe that we are super finalists and winners in our nominations. Thanks to all those who believed in us, helped and supported us throughout the preparation for the competition, especially in the last two weeks, when I had to sleep literally for a couple of hours. But we had a goal: to adequately represent our Minsk region, and we tried to give our best.


- What did the competition give you, what did it teach you?


Victoria: First of all, organization. And after the competition, you clearly begin to understand how to apply those new ideas that sometimes arise in your head. Previously, it seemed that they were simply not feasible.

Vasily: Participation in the competition allowed me to meet new people - professionals in their field. Definitely, we all have improved the methodological level. And in general, participation in the competition is a new stage in life, which, of course, is necessary for our improvement.


- Maybe you learned something from your rivals?


Victoria: If you take only the representatives of the Minsk region, then I want to say that they are all so different and interesting ... For myself, I realized that it is important to be able to control your emotions, and we have such examples in the team that are worth learning from.

Vasily: I came to the competition with my ideas, strategy, and tried to broadcast all this at all stages. It was interesting to communicate with people personally, to observe them, how they behave in a given situation. In general, participation in the competition is a stress test.


- What was the most difficult thing?


Victoria: Relax and have fun. Probably, I came to this only at the end of the competition. In my opinion, activities are effective and efficient only when you behave naturally - in this case everything goes like clockwork.

Vasily: The most difficult thing for me was to force myself to move on. I will not hide the fact that at a certain stage, thoughts arose to stop. Why? Physically it was not easy, especially when there was not enough time to prepare for some tests. I am glad that I managed to overcome myself and become a super finalist.


- What will you say to your colleagues, students, pupils when you come to work?


Victoria: Let's hug. I really missed them all, I want to see each other as soon as possible.

Vasily: I would like to encourage the staff of our school to participate in this competition. We have a lot of talented teachers who can show themselves. I also missed my family very much and would like to pay maximum attention to it before starting work.


Yulia Brozhina

Photo: Marina Kunyavskaya

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