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Regional News

14 October 2020

Mother`s Day

Dear mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, the council of the Minsk regional organization of veterans congratulates you on the holiday - Mother's Day!

Today is a special occasion to say kind words to the closest people - our mothers.

You are our guardian angels in life, wise counselors and the most dear people in the world! On this bright day, we wish you great happiness, a sea of ​​love and tenderness, warmth and affection, attention and support!

Let your hands not know fatigue, and your shoulders will be shrouded in kindness and care! We wish the joy of motherhood to bring peace to the soul and lightness in the heart! May your children at any age be always healthy and delight you with their successes and achievements! May all your cherished dreams come true!

 Good luck to you, good health and life full of happy moments!

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