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20 January 2018
International recognition of environmental standards in China-Belarus industrial park The China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone is the first one in Belarus to get an Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) certificate of the European Union as a testimony to the park's exemplary environmental standards ...
5 January 2018
Belarusian giant truck maker BelAZ reports skyrocketing export figures In 2017 the Belarusian automobile engineering company BelAZ secured an export growth rate of 184.8% as against 2016 ...
4 January 2018
Students of Ostroshitsky Gorodok school visit elderly care home to wish Happy New Year Literally everyone, both elementary school kids and high school students, and also their teachers were involved in the preparation of the performance ...
3 January 2018
Minsk Oblast eager to raise $195m in FDI in 2018 The implementation of major investment projects using FDI will continue ...
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